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Welcome to "Is That a Skunk?"

A charming "tail" with a big stink! The new nature book for kids written by Gary Bogue and illustrated by Chuck Todd

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"Is That a Skunk?" publishes July 3, 2018 

A striped skunk takes up residence in Lucas' backyard. "Is That a Skunk?" by Gary Bogue, illustrations by Chuck Todd published by HeyDay Books

Author and animal guru Gary Bogue and I are proud to announce that our latest nature book for kids with HeyDay Books is publishing on July 3, 2018. Is That a Skunk? is our fourth book with HeyDay (The Raccoon Next Door, There's an Opossum in My Backyard and There's a Hummingbird in My Backyard ). Our mission in these books is to help kids have fun while learning about the local wildlife that they encounter in their own backyards. We love telling "wild" nature stories and we had a lot of fun creating our stinky tale about skunks!

In this space we will let you know about upcoming events and book signings, as well as share with you our stories about wild critters and creating our book projects.

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Chuck Todd (artist and illustrator)

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