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Is That A Skunk?

Book Signing Event, September 22

On September 22, 10am-3pm Gary and Chuck will be signing copies of their new nature book for kids at Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in Pleasant Hill, CA

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Beloved wildlife guru and author Gary Bogue and artist Chuck Todd will sign copies of their new children’s nature book: “Is That a Skunk?” published by HeyDay Books. Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018, 10am to 3pm at Wild Birds Unlimited in Pleasant Hill, CA.

"A skunk has taken up residence in the backyard! In this charming picture book, Lucas and his family adjust to their urban wildlife neighbor, and along the way they learn all about these surprisingly amiable animals: their favorite things to eat, their preferred places to stay, their friends and enemies, and even how to get rid of their smell. Author and wildlife expert Gary Bogue highlights skunks’ sweet natures (odiferous spray notwithstanding), and full-color illustrations by Chuck Todd add even more information to this fact-packed story."

This is our first signing event for our new illustrated kids book. Thanks to the great folks at Wild Birds Unlimited! Call them at (925) 798-0303 to pre-order your copy of “Is That A Skunk?” or for more information.

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